The new extension for the IAA

In 3, C, Software by Harmonikalische Frequenzanwendung

In our practice congress this year, developer Hp Alan E. Baklayan gave his exciting lecture " Recognizing and interpreting correlations between anamnesis and Harmonical Frequency ranges ".

With this brand new extension licence to the IAA, the Intelligent Anamnesis Analysis, the interpretation of the selected anamnesis program according to the criteria of the Harmonical Frequency Procedure is displayed at the push of a button.

It describes clearly, briefly but in detail all the parameters that make up the program:

The functions and areas of action of

  • the Level,
  • Sublevel,
  • of the Meridian or Structural vessel.
  • The meaning of High or Low.
  • In programs with Chord, the function of Balancing point and Structure vessel.
  • For modulated programs, the meaning of the program 11 sublevels above.
In addition, all IAA programs are clearly numbered, which can also be used for external documentation. Such as the patient questionnaire presented at the congress.