Introduction of the Akademie der Harmonikalischen Frequenzanwendung e. V. (Academy for Harmonical Frequency Procedure as a registered association)

Not without pride I may inform all interested therapists about the foundation of the Academy for Harmonical Frequency Procedure as a registered association. The academy thus replaces the TREF working group.

The Academy's goals:
  • The teaching and spreading of frequency therapies in general and in particular the Harmonical Frequency System according to Baklayan.
  • Since this system is based on the old harmonic laws of the Pythagoreans and thus concerns the fields of medicine, music and mathematics, these are also taken into account.
  • At the same time, it is the Academy's task to make these therapies known to a wider audience and
  • to promote the demand for qualified therapists.
Your Alan E. Baklayan, Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board

Introduction of the Harmonical Frequency Procedure

In this video, Brigitte Rudert explains why the Harmonical Frequency Procedure according to Baklayan is a perfect system - not only for every bioenergetic therapist, but also for all those who would like to become one.

The new learning portal of the Academy

In this video, Brigitte introduces the new learning portal of the Academy of Harmonical Frequency Procedure!

Here, members can find free offers such as tutorials, introductions to frequency devices and recorded therapist evenings as well as individually bookable workshops and past congresses with which you can further your education. Not a member yet? Register here right now.

The Academy's new learning portal!

In our learning portal members of the academy find free offers such as tutorials, introductions to frequency devices and recorded therapist evenings as well as separately bookable workshops and past congresses that you can use to further your education. Not yet a Member? Register here quite now.

Further information about our learning portal

The tasks of the Academy are defined as follows:

1. Quality assurance of original teachings

As with all successful therapy approaches, numerous approximations and interpretations of the therapy system emerge over time. Many of them prove to be purposeful and effective. This is a normal development that we can observe in specialized medicine as well.

However, there are approaches and implementations that can be misleading. The lecturer's level of knowledge could be outdated or frequency therapy could be mixed with other techniques from psychology or esotericism. For beginners this can be very confusing and results in a contradictory impression. It is the task of the academy to provide standardized, up-to-date basic knowledge with a selected group of certified therapists. This knowledge is a synthesis of the principles of the harmonical laws and the experiences of successful therapists and is, so to speak, "state of the art" in this field.

It is the task of the academy to provide this foundation on which every therapist can build, find his own way and later integrate everything he considers appropriate and necessary.

2. Participant certificates

Participant certificates are awarded by the Academy. Make sure that the certificate is authentic and contains the signature of the chairman and the lecturer.

3. Examination regulations

There will be an examination regulation (currently in preparation) with a (voluntary) examination to become a certified HFT (Harmonical Frequency Therapist) and then further examination to become a qualified HFT with a diploma. Please note: only participant certificates from the Academy will be considered for admission to the examination. Detailed information on this topic will be announced during our Practice Congress 2019.

4. HFT Spreading

It is also the task of the Academy to introduce these methods to a wider audience. For this purpose, various measures are already in preparation, about which we will inform you in due time. The first articles have already been published in the according professional literature.

5. Recommendations from the Academy

We often receive requests from patients as to whether we know of a therapist who works according to one of these methods and practices in their area. Provided, of course, that the consent of the member is given, we will first recommend the therapist best trained in this systematic.

6. Therapist hotline

Mr. Forstner, former Arbeitskreis TREF, is still at your disposal as a competent therapist and can be reached at +49-176-62819611. - For all further questions please contact Mr. Peter Kolinski. You can reach him at +49-178-1695261

7. Publications

Within the scope of the academy, a series of publications and papers will be created in order to interest a larger circle of patients in this method and its effective approaches.

8. Further advantage

Members of the Academy are entitled to a 55 Euro discount on all events, practice congresses, workshops and webinars.

9. Newsletter

We will gladly inform you about all of our news, coupons, membership deals, new addition to the frequency application and much more. Please join our Newsletter here, after you became a member.
If you are interested please write us an e-mail.

Scientific Advisory Board

There is a scientific advisory board, which naturopath Alan E. Baklayan serves as chairman and which consists for the time being of naturopath Jürgen Vollmer from Hannover and Dr. med. Sümer Zeynep Karabey from Kuşadası-Aydın (Turkey).