Report on the first Therapist Exchange Circle

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On Friday, 9th December 2022 at 3 p.m. the first Therapist Exchange Circle of the Academy of Harmonical Frequency Procedure took place. Mr. Baklayan had the idea to try out a new format of the usual therapist evening after he realized once again that the community and family connection among frequency therapists has become even more important today than ever before. Especially the exchange of experiences has an important meaning in this context and of course this works better in a circle.

In addition to HP Baklayan, HP Brigitte Rudert and HP Axel Forstner were also present, and about 30 therapists, who were connected online, completed the circle. The whole thing became alive by many interesting questions and the experience reports of all present therapists. To discuss all the wonderful questions and to exchange case stories filled 2,5 hours.

That afternoon, Mr. Baklayan and Mr. Forstner shared their positive experiences with the new organ. Afterwards, insights on the following therapeutic topics were exchanged in the circle:

  • Varicose veins
  • Kidney and gallbladder stones
  • Long-Covid and vaccination side effects
  • Peanut allergy with anaphylactic shock
  • Stoma with colostomy bag
  • Treatment of babies and small children
  • new chipcards for the Diamond Shield Zapper

Another point of the program was the presentation of the new YouTube channel Healing with Frequency by Mrs. Rudert. She has dealt a lot with frequency therapy and now runs this channel on the subject of home frequency therapy with the Diamond Shield Zapper. Here you can find tutorials, interviews and important information about frequency procedure at home.

Then finally the academy could present its new training center and give a small technical briefing on how to use it, to make it easier to get started. On 12th December 2022, all English-speaking Academy members were added to the training center.

The training center is meant to support and educate all HFP users and will be expanded in the future.

The really successful Therapist Exchange Circle was completed by the following announcements for the year 2023:

- Seminar
"5 Elements-Testing and Internal Environment using the Harmonical Frequency System" - Speaker: Ing. Christian Prochaska

Live workshop in Austria and also as webinar in German and Polish.

Date: 14th + 15th January 2023

More information at:

- Anniversary celebration "10 years of Harmonical Frequency Procedure".

Planned are lectures and celebrations

Date: 28th to 30th April 2023

- 4 weekends are reserved for practice days, possibly also live seminars

Dates:             28th + 29th January 2023

                         08th + 09th July 2023

                         14th + 15th October 2023

                         11th + 12th November 2023

Best, you reserve these dates already in your calendar, because we would be happy to welcome you live again.

We are looking forward to meet you at these events and the next Therapist Exchange Circle and wish you all the best until then.

Yours Academy of Harmonical Frequency Procedure