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You can easily book and work through courses relating to frequency application via our exclusive learning portal for Academy members. Here you will find many extensive, fee-based workshops, but also instructive free offers, such as past therapist evenings, where therapeutic questions are dealt with or complete introductions to frequency devices, tutorials and much more.

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  • Tutorials and introductions to the Harmonical Frequency Procedure (free of charge for Academy members)

  • Therapists' evening and discussion rounds on therapeutic issues (free of charge for Academy members)

  • Recordings and new recordings of workshops and congresses

  • and much more! We are constantly expanding our repertoire to offer you even more training opportunities

Workshops available, among others:

  • Enhanced Basic Regulation
  • FREE Basic Seminar – Introduction to the Harmonical Frequency System, IAA and Basic Regulation
  • Psychological Trauma & Detox of inorganic Toxins
  • Hormon Dysbalance I: Successful Therapy of High Blood Pressure & Menstruation, Menopause and Infertility
  • Recording of the 12th Practical Congress April 28 – 30, 2023 (12. kongres praktyczny 28. – 30. kwietnia 2023; Dostępny polski skrypt / Polish script available)
  • Trikombin Tutorials
  • Basic Regulation, 5 Elements Testing and Internal Environment (Dostępny polski skrypt / Polish script available)
  • Therapists Exchange Circles
  • Evening for therapists with HP Alan Baklayan
  • 11th Congress for frequency and regulation therapy 2022
  • Virus protocol