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Workshop “Electro-acupuncture according to Dr. Voll (EAV) – analysis and application in connection with the harmonic frequency procedure

Would you like better documentation and comparability of your test results through numerical values?
Do you want easily understandable values that you can show your patient?
You would like your patient to be able to follow your test easily and understandably?
You would like a differentiated test method of your bioenergetic facts?

Then our seminar is the right place for you! In this seminar/workshop you will receive a basic concept for a quick start in practice.

The EAV method provides valuable, trend-setting information for the development of causal relationships for the development of an individual treatment concept. This seminar provides you with a basic concept for a quick start in your practice. You will learn application concepts and areas of application in combination with micro-current therapy. It is our goal to directly implement what you have learned in a short time.


History of origins
Physical principles of measurement
Fields of application and application concepts
Preparation of the measurement
Measurability of the test person (conductance)
Point search / point measurement
The meridian and point system

Presentation of the meridian-vascular circulation
Evaluation of the measured values
KMP points and nail rebate points
Practical resonance test of native and homeopathic substances by means of the harmonic frequency application
Application for incompatibilities
Accounting tips


in person on site in Munich: € 365,- (for members of the Academy of Harmonic Frequency Application reduced price of € 320,- each)


Knut Henning

Please note, that the event will be held in German!


18.07.2020, Sat 10 – 18 h + 19.07.2020, Sun from 09 to 13 h


If you are interested, please send an e-mail to the


18 - 19 Jul 2020


10:00 - 13:00


€ 365.00


Unterer Anger 15 RgB, 80331 München
Unterer Anger 15 RgB, 80331 München

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