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Webinar/Workshop: Enhanced Basic Regulation using the Harmonical Frequency System

Webinar Basic Regulation II – enhanced interpretation of the harmonical basic regulation considering the traditional constitutional predispositions

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

the recently discovered

  1. structural vessels (degeneration vessels)
  2. chords
  3. differentiation of right and left spin
  4. as well as high and low and
  5. improved synchronization of the pulse for meridians and structural vessels

introduce numerous new indications in diagnosis and therapy.

How are these results to be interpreted?

When are we dealing with retention toxicosis? When are we dealing with hyperacidity? What is crystallosis? How to detoxify the intracellular space? From the testing of the enhanced basic therapy, numerous indications can be derived that allow a more precise specific approach.

Each of us touched upon the homeopathic or humoral constitutional remedies, the Chinese or Ayurvedic reaction types, and could not help but be in awe of the depth of this ancient knowledge. But despite all the good will, integrating such an approach into the daily practice routine is hardly possible, as the flood of information always swamps one. However, now a solution is on the horizon:

Traditional constitutional predispositions

Mr. Baklayan has finally succeeded in making an old dream of his come true: to relate the results of the basic therapy testing – which we should do first with every patient anyway – to various traditional constitutional predispositions.

The predisposition is the tendency to certain disease patterns and courses according to the innate constitutions. In traditional naturopathy, this is a basic knowledge that used to be assumed. It enables the individual pathogenetic developments of patients to be grasped more precisely.

Careful testing of the Harmonical Basic Regulation is the simple solution.

How to recognize a carbo-nitrogenoid predisposition and how to distinguish it from a neuropathic neurolymphatic one? When is an allergic predisposition the actual cause and when is a psoric one in the background? What is an uric acid diathesis and how different is the procedure here, not only in the applications with Trikombin, but also

  1. in the dietary measures
  2. the lifestyle (light, air, water, earth) up to the
  3. homeopathic remedies
  4. Schuessler salts
  5. the phytotherapeutical prescriptions
  6. the minerals and vitamins,

which we can prescribe in these cases?

Once you have understood the principle, you are immediately able to apply all the knowledge in your clinic the next day.

This workshop will also provide every therapist with numerous clues regarding the patient’s responsiveness and prognosis.

In order to cope with the wealth of knowledge and experience Mr. Baklayan would like to share with you, and not to neglect the practical exercises, the workshop will already start on Friday afternoon.


  • Introduction to the naturopathic view of traditional constitutional teaching
  • Explanation of the different constitutional predispositions
  • Enhanced basic regulation of the Harmonical Frequency Procedure
  • Practical procedure in the enhanced testing of the basic regulation therapy
  • Interpretation of right and left spin on different levels
  • Interpretation of the structure/degeneration vessels
  • Interpretation of the chords
  • Case reports and discussions
  • Many, many, many practical exercises….

The aim of the workshop is to put the necessary tools in your hands to be able to immediately apply this enhanced approach in your clinic the next day – for the benefit of your patients.

Speaker: Alan E. Baklayan


Friday,      03.12.2021: 02:00 p.m. – 06:00 p.m.
Saturday, 04.12.2021: 10:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.
Sunday,    05.12.2021: 09:00 a.m. – 01:00 p.m.


€ 465,- (non-members)
€ 420,- (members of the Academy of Harmonical Frequency Procedure)


We are looking forward to your participation

The Team of the Harmonical Frequency Procedure


03 - 05 Dec 2021


14:00 - 13:00


Unterer Anger 15 RgB, 80331 München