Intelligent Anamnesis Evaluation IAA

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Dear Friends of Harmonical Frequency Application!

At the 9th Practical Congress of Frequency and Regulation Therapy, Hp Alan E. Baklayan presented an absolute world premiere in Munich:

The first Clinical Decision Support System for frequency applications - the Intelligent Anamnesis Evaluation IAA!

Of course, this was not only relevant for visitors of the congress, but also for anyone interested in frequency therapy.

What exactly is the IAA?

The IAA is a Clinical Decision Support System, which guides the patient through the anamnesis in a simple and clear way. The anamnesis is structured in 24 chapters according to holistic points of view and allows differential diagnostic interpretation at a glance.
The inexperienced therapist is systematically guided through the anamnesis and receives all frequency combinations in the form of chords or chains, which are sorted according to priority according to an optionally selected evaluation and then treated.

This program is also a relief and valuable for the experienced therapist, because the data are recorded in a file and are only called up and updated at each subsequent appointment. The IAA offers statistical evaluations on the screen and as a clear printout in no time at all.

The bioenergetic testing is optionally possible, but not a must. The therapy plan can be supplemented with basic regulation, ampoule therapy, etc. and everything can be saved together. The Clinical Decision Support System is a support and enrichment for every therapist due to its anamnesis management, the file management with documentation function and flexible deployment:
  • For career starters as a valuable tool that leads through all the pitfalls of differential diagnosis
  • For each practice to document patient therapies and progress
  • For practices that want to work with multiple stations
  • If the routine questions of the anamnesis are to be delegated
Can you imagine the gain in time savings, acquired security and care? We would be happy to offer you a personal introduction. If you are interested the IAA can be explained and shown via Skype!

This introduction is of course absolutely free of charge. If you would like to make an individual appointment for the presentation of the IAA, please send an e-mail to