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Webinar/Workshop I: Basic Regulation, 5 Elements Testing and Internal Environment using the Harmonical Frequency System

The aim of the seminar/workshop is to get to know the basic concepts of regulation and the internal environment, to understand the background and basics of the Differential Test Systematik (DTS® for short) and to apply the sublevels correctly, to master the testing and adjustment of the patient’s energetic initial situation, to learn how to quickly and safely find out his main loads, to set up a therapy plan and to recognize and treat blockades.

Webinar and workshop at the same time

Please note that you can participate in this event either in person on site in Munich or online via webinar at your home!

Topics in detail:
  • Regulation of the energetic state of the patient with the Harmonical Frequency Procedure
  • Test advanced 5-elements of Chinese Medicine and assign them according to Yin and Yang / determine the relationship of the elements and meridians to each other to determine the pathogenetic order
  • Complementing the 5 elements testing with the new emotion ampules
  • Testing the internal environment, the most important step that allows us to determine the priority of the loads saving a lot of time and to regulate the internal environment
  • Draw up the complete therapy plan taking into account the next patient appointments, any difficulties and acute cases that may arise
  • Monitoring of therapy progress through the technology of intensities, recognition of therapy blockades
  • Quick differential diagnosis and symptomatic therapy of the Pathologies
  • Therapy of the Slags – Cleansing ampules according to clinical diseases
  • Acute treatment
  • Scar clearance

€ 365,- (for members of the Academy of Harmonical Frequency Procedure reduced price of € 320,- )


Hp Alan E. Baklayan


08 May and 09 May 2021 -

Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Important notes for the online webinar:

    You need to have a Harmonical Frequency device in front of you so that you can follow the practical part.

    You should have a partner for testing.

    The workshop is part of the certification process, so certificates will only be issued if you can participate the whole time and provide the results for each exercise.

You should have the following testing kits available if you participate online:

    "Five Elements"

    "Human Organs Filter and Testing Kit"

    "Internal Environment"

The following testing kits are not absolutely necessary, but a good addition:


    "Cleansing according to clinical diseases"

    "Anatomy", various


If you are interested, please send an e-mail to .


08 - 09 Mai 2021


10:00 - 13:00


320 - 365 €

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