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Webinar: Summary 9th Congress of the Academy for Harmonical Frequency Procedure

Dear therapists and friends,

Since it was not possible to get the right translations in time, we will have the essence of the 9th Congress of the Academy in English on Saturday, July 6 in the form of a webinar as promised so that you can participate at your convenience in your home or office.

As you already know, the Academy is replacing the „Arbeitskreis TREF“ which has conducted all the seminars and workshops until now.

The webinar will be held by Hp Alan E. Baklayan personally the whole day and includes the following topics:


Introducing the work of the Academy:

  • The objectives of the academy.
  • The opportunity of working on studies and publications.
  • The possibility of certification to become a certified HFT harmonical frequency therapist.


Introducing the new worldwide first clinical decision support system. IAA intelligent anamnesis analysis

The ideas and concepts behind this revolutionary tool to enhance any clinic.

Mr. Hp Alan E. Baklayan’s lecture “The Beauty of the Harmonical System

Mr. Hp Alan E. Baklayan’s lecture “Extended Options of the DTS® 2019” including “Radioactivity – an underestimated Load”, “Emotional Blockades and classic Meridians” and “Quick Differential Diagnosis and Symptomatic Therapy of the Pathologies

On top of these most important features for your clinic and work with frequency therapies, the following lecture notes will be sent to you in English:

➢ Lecture Mr. Hp C. Prochaska “Successful Smoking Cessation with the help of TRIKOMBIN®“

➢ Lecture Mr. J. Kotschy „The Basis of the Harmony. Division and Diversity – The Octave Principle in Nature and Music”

➢ Lecture Hp Mr. A. Forstner „Orthopedic Complaints well treated with the DTS®-Systematic“

➢ Lecture Mrs. Dr. Sümer Zeynep Karabey „Widespread Disease Osteoporosis. Treatment Options with TRIKOMBIN“

Ø  You are going to receive a certificate of participation which will be very important in the near future for your harmonic frequency therapist’s certification.

There is an obligation to personally attend the annual congress at least once every 3 years in order to be allowed to apply for the certification. Details will be explained.

The webinar starts at 10 A.M. local time Munich.

Webinar time: 10:00 A.M. – 13:00 P.M., 14:30 P.M. – 18:00 P.M.

Fee: € 155,- (members of the academy: € 110,-)

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Jul 06 2019


10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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